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Italian Classics


Sometimes you just want to treat yourself to a wonderful tasting comfort food. We all do. With this wonderful recipe, we think you can do it without the guilt. Sausage and pepper might sound pretty simple, and in one sense it is, but this makes a fantastic meal which can […]

Italian Classics


We love food. We absolutely love pasta when it’s done right. And we think this Shrimp Caprese Pasta is one the the best pasta dishes you will ever try – because it’s done right!Have a go at making it for yourself. We know you will try the recipe more than […]

Italian Classics


Isn’t it amazing how you can turn a dull and boring meal into something wonderful with a little imagination and a few extra ingredients? Well, we think we’ve eliminated dull and boring salads by selecting the finest combination of ingredients that makes this an amazing salad, which can be enjoyed […]

Italian Classics


We love chicken! But we absolutely adore this Chicken Parmigiana and think you will too. The Parmesan and Mozzarella, along with Italian Seasoning and Nonna’s Marinara combine to make a fantastic tasting Italian special. Nonna loves the way we use her Marinara for this recipe. Try making it today. It […]

Italian Classics


As Italian as any dish can be, Spaghetti and Meatballs is a favourite the world over. With this recipe, we know you will love it as much as we do. It’s a very easy meal to make, and even easier to have the whole family enjoy it. We think your […]

Italian Classics


Gnocchi – the staple Italian dish which can be done many different ways. We’ve put together three different recipes which we believe will bring the best out in the Gnocchi. We’ve got Brown Butter Sauce, Marinara, and Alfredo Sauce. We would recommend you use Nonna’s Marinara and our own Alfredo […]

Italian Classics


What a wonderful way to use chicken thighs and create a mouth watering and tasty dish. We love the mushrooms and garlic in this recipe. They add to the wholesome flavor and make this a want–to-have meal for all the family. Try it today!

Italian Classics


There’s garlic bread, and then there’s only the best Garlic Bread you will have tried. It’s our best attempt at making Garlic Bread. We’ve tried and tested this recipe over a number of years and re-tuned it to make the recipe that we share with you. We’re proud of it, […]

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Marinara. No matter which can/tin/jar you go for, none will taste as nice as Nonna’s. For those of you who have a Nonna, you know exactly what we mean. For those of you who don’t have a Nonna – you’re missing one of the best chefs/cooks ever! Try this wonderful […]

Italian Classics


A simple cream cheese based sauce which will make your pasta taste amazing. Use it Gnocchi, Ravioli, or Fettucini. We also use it making some of our other Italian dishes which do not appear here. It’s a fantastically versatile sauce that can be utilised widely – pasta or not. Give […]